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Ethereum block 8412138

Time 2020-08-01 15:07:19
Transactions 1
Internal 0
Token transfers 0
Largest amount transaction 0ETH
Size 1 469 bytes
Gas used 259 363
Gas limit 8 000 029
Difficulty 2 063 053 706
Total difficulty 31 164 140 521 331 391
Nonce 0x197c28b1d73bc603
Block reward 2.000000000000000000ETH
Fee reward 0.000020749040000000ETH
Uncles inclusion reward 0ETH
Total reward 2.000020749040000000ETH
Uncles reward 0ETH
Block 0x07b4d1fe9f6064b43e5dfcd8c1be6060dc30f147eda8ba00f1521d8bb50e2781
Previous block 0xb1113e3a5d8fd1f92d4a9a38e9c57de70711c2fccbff9d4cc9dc6157fc17f8cb
Next block 0x887f9dd138629df3fbd8bed26116ace9da6bc8d1ed014489caccf7d2b1ab4b2d
Transactions root 0x4e8121fc0a5052a99e9a3acc7dfe9d1ac50cb9d5fb78d440426bafd700c73226
State root 0x797b7f75c4132b7f8f0bdc7bdbc9a3e8d69c046426612c80447230bc53ed6d91
Receipts root 0x56ec6b91af7b5b83e555d70c9bb84ef762569b4c560292c8a7bd09622053f831
Sha3 uncles 0x1dcc4de8dec75d7aab85b567b6ccd41ad312451b948a7413f0a142fd40d49347
Extra data hex 0xde830207028f5061726974792d457468657265756d86312e34312e30826c69
Extra data text ރParity-Ethereum1.41.0li
Block transactions