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Ethereum block 8898207

Time 2020-10-17 23:24:40
Transactions 1
Internal 0
Token transfers 0
Largest amount transaction 0ETH
Size 1 267 bytes
Gas used 38 165
Gas limit 8 000 029
Difficulty 635 757 327
Total difficulty 31 766 625 742 661 559
Nonce 0xa91299b9e2bd886c
Block reward 2.000000000000000000ETH
Fee reward 0.000839630000000000ETH
Uncles inclusion reward 0ETH
Total reward 2.000839630000000000ETH
Uncles reward 0ETH
Block 0xc323b4df7758c7094a902a604438af587f9901486cfada5643b216219342913d
Previous block 0x913a3f9b2dd7d0fe8acc78d69381eec482be72b83eb960b6a693d30c2336a938
Next block 0xcaa804767c0e04636a315046274abbcf348eaabe8fcc59abb9f2c0e70d875b15
Transactions root 0x177381fc7aaa5e15c1d9ef06dda626f9ca381ca82aa0ef9803f64859830e49a2
State root 0x5716b1ddad3d3366ad6196f6b53548bb907dc6591d62444ab2b8143e24146ed4
Receipts root 0x0e053ab4f827d52825512055f265067e7811a675042110450ce0c4e0c25b24bd
Sha3 uncles 0x1dcc4de8dec75d7aab85b567b6ccd41ad312451b948a7413f0a142fd40d49347
Extra data hex 0xdb830300018c4f70656e457468657265756d86312e34332e31826c69
Extra data text ۃOpenEthereum1.43.1li
Block transactions