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Ethereum block 9463896

Time 2021-01-14 08:25:52
Transactions 10
Internal 47
Token transfers 4
Largest amount transaction 5.041284945177635100ETH
Size 1 773 bytes
Gas used 685 053
Gas limit 8 000 000
Difficulty 3 528 543 544
Total difficulty 32 418 669 002 041 280
Nonce 0xce8ce63072949d3
Block reward 2.000000000000000000ETH
Fee reward 0.000883693987686855ETH
Uncles inclusion reward 0ETH
Total reward 2.000883693987686855ETH
Uncles reward 0ETH
Block 0x773fffc000c5a10426fe3979fdb8bba254167b4fb0dbc330a2f4c082737df7c4
Previous block 0xe4953bb34e12bd2618dd57ec44998efb9c8ec735c640bab810c59746a334cad4
Next block 0x44d2e5fb0f022cc074bab16a3a0183c3f7a74c25f031778afbb820372e7f3d4d
Transactions root 0x69587e47b6aa026e4928d28efc5709467bb08f36b54bd36d41a7da38639b8063
State root 0x289a59593a7cf89017f746c55a28a5d5a6c5354b9d5924b28b9e2562057fed3b
Receipts root 0xc0606985422be6b1330e574e606edc8af235f3a36ba05b11405f6f716fb167c9
Sha3 uncles 0x1dcc4de8dec75d7aab85b567b6ccd41ad312451b948a7413f0a142fd40d49347
Extra data hex 0x73706964657231300102ba85
Extra data text spider10
Block transactions